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Currently: system engineering leadership, customer service, and program management at SpaceX, supporting Air Force and NASA programs. Part of the mission review resulting in the first orbital rocket landing in history, and soon the first reused orbital rockets in history. Up next: sending astronauts to ISS. After that: Mars.

Previously: electronic design, manufacturing, project management, and business development in the tech startup, medical, and aerospace industries. Used to finding ways to make things happen amidst regulation, bureaucracy, and other roadblocks.

BS in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego and MBA from UCLA Anderson. Active in the Triton and Bruin networks.

Produced a Udemy video course on getting jobs at name-brand tech companies. One of my former students is now my coworker.

Part-time real estate investor interested in value-add single-family and multi-family.

Blessed with a great wife, a happy baby, and a house in LA. Life is good.

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