Oh hey look, another remodel

1:00 AM James 0 Comments

Oh hey look, another remodel.

Don't worry, it's not as bad as the previous one.

Fresh off the heels of our previous renovation, my wife convinced me to do another one.

How does that make any sense?

It's a different property, and it arguably needs it, with about 15 years of age and some clear signs of wear and tear. When we got it last year, it was nice enough to live in. But after a year and a half of renters, it's ready for a refresh.

OK, if you say so. What are you in for?

  • Generally, update the look from Y2K to contemporary. There's a lot of red floors and cabinets, and too many different colors on the walls. Replace the scratched-up floors and blackened carpets with hardy wood laminate. This'll take a little demo.
  • Simplify the color palette and class up the joint with rich coffee brown floors, calm white walls, and maybe one sophisticated accent color. Replace yellow halogens with energy-saving warm LEDs
  • Make the kitchen and living room feel bigger by removing awkward elements and enhancing the flow.
  • Replace the countertops to make the place fully Y2K-compliant.
The total scope of this remodel is much smaller: $20-25k (and it'll only take 2-3 weeks). But it should bring up the value by about double or triple that.

When my wife showed me those numbers, backed up by the local comps, I was sold.

Is it going any better than last time?

It's off to a great start, so I'll post another update when we're done (about 1 more week). Seeya then.